James Brown and James Sangalli, HP-Enterprise Lead Devs - Oct. 4th

IoT + Blockchain = <3

In this workshop, we got to tangibly experience (literally) blockchain in our hands. James Brown and James Sangalli were showcasing an application of the Blockchain using a small pocket sized device they have designed. The potential blockchain has for Internet of Things (IoT) is enormous: in cargo and logistics, retail, healthcare and many more practical areas.

JB1 James Brown presenting at the MCIC: The schematics a network connecting IoT devices.

They had brought with them tiny IoT devices that they had designed. Each device was connected to the Ethereum network through an Azure server which communicated with a local geth node. The devices had a small LED that displayed the current Ether (Ethereum Blockchain's currency) balance. Every time a button was pushed, a small amount of Ether would be sent through the Ethereum network into a joint pool. When the next Ethereum block was mined, the balance in the pool would be randomly given to one of the other devices.

Although simple, this was a powerful demonstration of the automation of transactions. This application could be modified such that the condition upon which the balance is distributed can vary, leading to many other applications for Blockchain in the IoT space.

JS1 James Sangalli presents at the MCIC the future of IoT blockchain network.

James Brown - Biosnap: James Brown is a senior software engineer with vast experience building hardware. he currently works for HP-Enterprise serving the Australian banking sector by building next generation transaction systems based on blockchain technology.

Fun fact - James B. (still) likes to toast to the queen of England,

James Sangalli - Biosnap James Sangalli is a junior blockchain developer from New Zealand. He is working for HP-Enterprise, bringing his wizardy in smart contract coding on Ethereum.

Fun fact - James S. still has trouble convincing certain members of his family that Bitcoin is not a scam/dead.