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Immutable Me

As a guest at the recent bitfwd session at UNSW I discussed the current state of play in the global personal data market and how Meeco »

Give your Bitcoin project the attention it deserves, add it to! is a site that holds a comprehensive list of the Bitcoin »

What is Trust?

What is Trust? Does it differ from sharing? Working as a Blockchain architect, I often find myself in such conversations: “We can’t share a Blockchain »

Global Sponsors - B20 Network

bitfwd is a member of the B20 network - a grassroots lead community that connects the world through workshops, knowledge sharing, talents, incubators and funding schemes. »

PKI Explained, Once and for all!

Are public keys really public? Usually, those who work with PKI, work behind the protection of software developers, technical support staff, professional organizations and business people. »