Jacob Horne, founder @ Horyzon.co - April 5th 2016

Jacob's poster

In this event we've had Jacob Horne, the founder of Horyzon who graduated with his startup from the Incubate program at USYD.

Jacob and David Bowie David Bowie predicting a 'Facebook' like vision of the internet back in the 90's, Jacob predicts a crypto-collaborative future for Blockchain based DAOs.

Jacob presented in a very neat way his take on the Blockchain technology evolution, current status, common applications and other more progressive use cases.

Jacob and the fans :)

Get the slides here (pdf)

Jacob Horne Biosnap:
An artist, tinkerer and Computer Scientist, Veteran Blockchain professional started in the early days of the Bitcoin boom. Recently founded Horyzon - Equity management platform built on Blockchain.
Personal twitter: @js_horne
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