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Trust the Blockchain platform for trustless transactions and Finance

Bok Khoo (often goes by the name Bokky-PooBah in the crypto community) came to share with us his journey down the Blockchain rabbit hole. Encouraged by his former employer, Bokky started exploring the Ethereum Blockchain to see if it can be used as the basis to run a trading platform on, at first it all looked puzzling so Bokky decided to set up a mining rig at home and see how this piece of software is interacting on the network. As he got deeper into it he was fascinated by the construction of the Ethereum Blockchain. Bokky views the Ethereum project as a Lego box where each project is essentially producing a new set of cube pieces that could be used as building blocks and integrate with another one to form new things that only our imagination can limit. While we're at this stage where those Lego pieces are rather basic, with each month the community collaboratively learns and improves over time to produce more sophisticated and feature rich pieces.

BKPB1 Bok Khoo (Bokky PooBah) shows ICO basic smart contract code at MCIC

After Bokky became well informed with the Ethereum's technical aspects, he decided to embark on a journey and turned into a full time Blockchain developer, Bokky engages in various community and open-source initiatives such as the Ethereum Wiki, crowd-sale code auditing, developer workshops and others. These days Bokky is writing smart-contracts for clients that are launching an ICO. He also audits a fair bit of ICO contracts for popular community projects such as, Sikoba and others.

Bokky PooBah - Biosnap:

Bokky PooBah - Bok Khoo from Bok Consulting Pty Ltd is an Actuary, consultant, quantitative developer and Ethereum fanatic. He has been working on securities, derivatives, exchange and risk management systems for many years and has recently jumped into the programmable Blockchain space, and is still free-falling down the crypto rabbit hole. He has built a decentralised trusted OTC exchange contract market that has turned over an equivalent of AUD 50 million since Nov 2016, and is now building other exciting applications.