Sergei Sergiengo, CEO @ Chronobank: TIME Traveling with Blockchains - story

TIME Traveling with Blockchains - story

Sergei is a unique character in the Blockchain space, less then one minute into the workshop Sergei shares his opinion that keeps everybody alert: "What we're witnessing these days with in the Blockchain space is equivalent to the DotCom bubble in the year 2000"

Beside the speculative aspects the current state of the cryptocurrency market is at, Sergei believes we're at the beginning of an era where we can replace the reckless and irresponsible economical systems provided to us as a result of 300 years of retarded and absurd intellectual thought process since Adam Smith. At present what we have is essentially a network of governmental institutions and financial industry giants that are dictating what kind of interactions/transactions are legitimate and which aren't. This applies a force similar to an invisible hand that pulls the strings so we can dance to the right tune.

These were the issues Sergei was thinking of when he came up with the logic that later crystallised as his vision to disrupt the labour hire industry. Sergei is the founder of Ed-Way Group, one of Australia's larges labour hire providers.
SSCB1 Sergei Sergienko presenting Chronobank's story in MCIC

What Chronobank is trying to do is allow people to use transparent and decentralised financial network that would make both service providers (labourers) and their customers (employers) more accountable to the nature of their behaviour in the work context of value exchange. The 2nd phase of the project currently being rolled out is to allow individuals to issue a Labour Hour token (LH) where they would essentially tokenize a certain amount of hours they commit to and be available for hirers to acquire. By harnessing Blockchain technologies to put a reputation system into the contracting process, employers that do not have good track record will not attract high quality employees and vice versa. Scamming the system becomes counterproductive as a party that does so will end up harming it's own reputation and would essentially render itself unattractive.

If you want to get more of Sergei's workshops follow the links below to get the video and slides.

Sergei Sergienko - Biosnap:

Sergei Sergienko is the CEO of Chronobank and the founder of EdWay group. Sergei graduated UNSW over a decade ago with a degree in maths and actuarial science. Sergei is an internationally renowned Blockchain advocate with involvement in projects across supply chain management, new-generation FinTech and real estate.