Vincent Tran, core team dev @ bitfwd: Blockchain 101: Building the bitcoin (one block at a time :)

Blockchain 101: Building the bitcoin (one block at a time :)

Our 2017 Blockchain Entrepreneurs Workshops series was a fantastic opportunity to get up to speed if you're not very familiar with Blockchain technologies. It was a great recap to build the required knowledge base before delving to more advanced use cases and developments in the Blockchain space.

Vincent walked us through the concepts that should be ironed out when forming networks that support monetary and assets transactions. Vincent started off with an elementary protocol that involved only signing transactions through digital signatures before adding on bit by bit, until we reached what we know as the Bitcoin protocol today.

VT1 Vincent shows the concepts behind the bitcoin Blockchain architecture and ledger consensus mechanisms.

This Workshop included some of the fundamental issues Blockchain networks have such as the double spend attacks, sybil attacks and the proof-of-work (PoW) securing and mining model.

Vincent Tran - Biosnap:

Vincent Tran is a Blockchain developer currently serving the banking sector in Australia. He is mostly focused on Blockchain based digital identity, smart contracts for trade-finance, and he is a core team member the open-source project bitfwd. Vincent is a UNSW alumni, he graduated with 3 majors: Computer Science, Actuarial (Math), and Commerce (Business School).