Emma Poposka, Voidan Kardalev Bron.tech Founders - Sep 6th 2016

Blockchain Identity for the Digital World


Having encountered their own issues of identity when migrating to Australia, the founders of Brontech have sought out to create a blockchain based identity infrastructure as a solution for certifying and enhancing identity in the digital world. The problem with the current identity system is that it has remained largely unchanged since it was first associated with a single document, the passport.

With a large portion of the World's interaction now occurring digitally, the concept of identity has become harder to maintain. Issues such as fragmentation, interoperability, privacy, security and reliance on third parties have left our current identity system with a need for a digital innovative overhaul.

Brontech proposes a new platform called the Bron-ID to accommodate this new digital identity for consumers. Such an identity can be sovereign, dynamic, incorruptible, transferable and bulletproof secure. Companies can also utilise this new digital identity platform through Bron-ID's API which is about to launch soon.

As the options of implementation were limited by obstacles presented by federal governments, attempting to appeal to users first was considered to be much more effective in bringing this innovation to market. The platform provides an economic incentive for users to participate, utilising a new cryptocurrency called the Bron to ensure widespread market adoption and future sustainability.

See John Oliver's interview with Edward Snowden on YouTube to understand what the general public thinks of this hot topic.

Brontech - Biosnap:

Brontech specializes in the development of blockchain solutions for a wide spectrum of services like identity management, education and healthcare.


Emma Poposka - Biosnap:

Emma Poposka is an entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO at Brontech. She holds multiple degrees in business and IT and has extensive international experience through appointments she had in the United Nations (UN), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the European Commission.


Voidan Kardalev - Biosnap:

Voidan Kardalev is also a co-founder and software developer for Brontech. He presented a majority of the technical aspects of Bron ID and what its use-case would look like. As a blockchain DApp developer expert, he is the coding guru behind Brontech and can be approached for any of your technical questions regarding Bron ID.