Jason Williams - Bitpos.me CEO & Founder - May 3rd 2016

Blockchain, so hot right now

In this workshop, Jason gave us an overview of what bitcoin is, from a monetary, and blockchain perspective. participants learned how to use bitcoin to transfer money between themselves using Airbitz wallet.
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We went through a basic bitcoin 101 tutorial where the audience was actively asking questions and Jason gave some of his insights into why Bitcoin is supporting financial privacy and economical freedom.

If you want to catch up on what we had get slides here (PDF)

Jason also discussed anonymity issues, it was only one day after Craig Wright claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto - the inventor of the Bitcoin. A rather common conception in the Bitcoin community is that Satoshi is actually not one person and is presumably a group of researchers from a national laboratory.

Jason Shows Satoshi Jason discusses the identity of the Bitcoin creators, they own a considerable portion of the Bitcoin in circulation hence some people fear they would have very strong influence on the Bitcoin economy.

Jason's Biosnap

Discovering Bitcoin in late 2012 and seeing the potential of this disruptive and innovative technology, Jason seized the opportunity to make a difference.

During 2013 Jason co-founded the Bitcoin Sydney group, became a founding member of the Bitcoin Association of Australia, started BitPOS, a bitcoin payment processor, began Bitcoin Professionals and is now an acclaimed international public speaker.

He believes Bitcoin is a technology set to revolutionize the world and wants to play his part to help it grow and mature into an everyday technology for everybody.

Twitter: @ryszard99


Twitter: @bitpos