Tim Lea, CEO @ Veredictum.io - April 19th 2016

The Power of the Blockchain Outside Of Financial Services.

Goldman Sachs were recently quoted saying "The Blockchain can change...well everything".

In this meeting, Tim Lea showcased how the Blockchain is being used outside of the financial services sectors. He walked us through use cases of practical services from around the world, discussed where the venture capital is going and why.

Tim at MCIC

Up till April 2016 $1.5B was invested in the fintech space. However, the Blockchain technology encompasses so much more, Tim's talk was focused on use cases of Blockchain outside of the fintech space. Harnessing the immutability of transaction records, Blockchain is ideal for provenance and ownership. One such company that tackles the blood-diamond issue is Everledger, tracking diamonds' confirming their origins and recording their ownership records all over the world. Another interesting experiment that dealt with land titles has been done in Honduras with Factom, however, it has been stalled. There are various conspiracy theories suggesting that it was shut down due to the sensitive data that was about be exposed through the project's execution.

Tim Veredictum

Tim's company Veredictum is developing smart ownership service for film and video to address issues of distribution.

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Tim Lea Biosnap:

Tim is the founder of Veredictum.io, an early stage startup that deals with smart ownership and distribution of media. He has a corporate finance and banking background. He has been involved with internet ventures since February 12th 1995 at 2.16pm (yes it was a cathartic moment for him). He set up an internet cafe-bar and restaurant and web design house which he sold in 2001. He has been screen-writing for 13 years and two years ago he wrote, directed and produced a multi-award winning feature film. In August last year Tim started his dive into Blockchain and has never looked back!

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Twitter: @TimothyLea2


Veredictum also offers corporate training and workshops relating to the use of Blockchain technology, very soon Veredictum.io will launch a smart ownership and distribution platform for film and Video producers to protect them from theft and piracy.